Comments from the Topcats Racing event

The following are written comments from people who test-drove a GMR supercharged V8 Vantage at the Topcats Racing event on Sat 25/6/16:

“Amazing, tractable, usable, exciting. Definitely an everyday driving car… want one!”

“Very impressed, very smooth, … I was expecting to be impressed today but has been outstanding!”

“Was pleased with the experience and standard of power delivery.”

“Very smooth with power; very responsive in all gears; looks correct under the bonnet”

“Absolutely marvellous, went fantastically, such a difference to my standard V8. Very impressed, enjoyed it immensely. Fantastic pick up and power delivery”

“I think it is a brilliant piece of innovation and design. The man is a genius. It feels like effortless performance, right from deep down inside the belly of the beast. It doesn’t overpower the car in any way due to its linear delivery. Aston should have come to you to include this on the GT8 to make it the ultimate Aston Martin V8.”

“More torque, less gear changes, more power, wow!”

“Much more torque transforms the car. Good sound (which I wasn’t expecting)”

“Impressive acceleration from low revs and power throughout the rev range. Well engineered conversion doesn’t spoil the existing engine bay. Compared to my existing car it is much smoother”

“Very good, steady torque at low revs. Accelerates steadily to red line (limiter)”

“Very neat installation. Quiet, no whine. Good torque with 4.3”

“Felt more like ether V12S that I had driven a couple of months ago, but still with the sound of a V8. “Smooth, accessible power right from low revs. A very impressive improvement over the standard car”

“I’m not a V8 owner but the feel of power and how usable it was felt great. It feels like an exciting car to drive and that’s from a TVR owner”

“Brilliant, loved it.”

“Very, very impressive and gives real pause for thought. The pulling power is very tempting”


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