Joe loves his latest GMR upgrade!

Here’s Joe Ljustina’s latest views about GMR’s services:

“I had the equal length exhaust manifolds put on together with the “X” section middle balancing pipe. I had the pipes ceramic coated both inside and out.

Well what a difference! I thought the supercharger was a significant change but this is just as profound. There must be a 10% increase in power/torque. The engine feels more free to rev out as though the flywheel and clutch had been lightened. The car as a whole feels more lively and spritely. She is definitely quicker. There is now an urgency about the car. The experience leaves one only slightly shaken, but definitely stirred!
The downside is that one loses that off-beat throaty exhaust growl at tickover that only Aston can do. Tickover is now a regular pitch and slightly louder as all the exhaust pulses have been equalised. Above tickover to 3500 rpm there is little change in pitch – just a little louder. Above 4000rpm is where the change is and you get a Ferrari style exhaust note – turbine like.
There is also a slight increase in cabin thrum, rather than the “reading room” hush that Astons are famous for.

So you get the performance and noise of a Ferrari as well as the looks, handling manners and prestige of an Aston – must be good. And it is.”

Thanks Joe!

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