A New Product Launch of the GMR Supercharger system.

GMR has, over the last 5 years invested heavily in an R & D program. This Investment has been dedicated to enable the GMR Supercharger system to be improved and reworked from the ground up, specifically to allow the product to gain acceptance in overseas markets.


The greatest challenge to this goal has been to address the poor emissions occurring within the initial cold start operation (90seconds), meaning that the system would likely fail both the accredited TUV, European and US testing procedure. To this end we have:


  • Redesigned and Implemented a secondary air system that will greatly aid Catalyst heating in the initial 90 seconds


  • Re-designing the manifold construction, reducing weight and reducing charge temperatures over a wider range of conditions. The reduction in charge temperature greatly reduces harmful NOX emissions through the entire operating range.


  • GMR also has upgraded the efficiency of the water injection system, which improves power, torque and better the fuel economy, which again improves the NOX emissions. The other benefit is our ability to run the engine leaner than was previously possible, which obviously improves fuel economy by as much as 25% in some cases.


  • An improved driver information feedback System: Providing with more information than previously possible. It also aids us in the area of fault detection whereby, should a fault, occur a snapshot of the whole system and its monitored components are interrogated thus enabling any fault to be diagnosed remotely. Aiding the agent network in the supported countries.


Now the 3 modular system can be easily fitted by a workshop/garage technician, using our new clear and easy to follow instruction manual.


The new product is currently under-going emissions scrutiny by a leading European test Organisation. Which will allow the new system to be exported to new markets around the world, that were previously closed to us for this reason.

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