Having a GMR Supercharger fitted to your car is a simple and hassle-free process.

  1.  We will check that your car’s engine is free from hidden faults that may not yet be apparent to you. This is a simple diagnostics test that takes about 15 minutes. In most cases, there will be no problem. If we find something of concern, we will advise you on how to progress (this usually means you referring your car back to your normal dealer/servicing agent with our findings).
  2. We will complete the order form to ensure that you know exactly what you have ordered, such as perhaps including a brake or handling upgrade.
  3. We will ask you to pay 50% of the total order cost. This is fully refundable if you subsequently decide to change your mind before we commence the work (see Important i. below).
  4. We will agree a fitting date with you which will usually be around 6 weeks after your order is placed. The work takes 3 to 4 days including road testing (see Important ii. below). We will confirm the completion date before we start the work.
  5. You pay the balance on collection of your car and then go and have some fun with it!
  6. Contact Us today for a no-obligation discussion about your requirements


i. Please note that in order to keep costs down, we do not accept card payments and so any refund made is the full amount (i.e. no card handling charge to account for).

ii. We undertake a thorough road test of around 200 miles. This is necessary to enable your Engine Management System (EMS) to ‘learn’ the new performance settings of your engine. This is a normal function of your EMS, but requires this amount of varied driving to re-map your engine properly. We also undertake routine mechanical checks during this time to ensure that your car is in perfect running order when we give it back to you.