Quality Standards:

Our business stands or falls by the quality of service we give to our customers. In all our dealings we commit to:

  • Respond to all enquiries within 24 hours
  • Provide written responses to all requests for information
  • Undertaking work only after providing a written quotation following discussions with our (potential) customers
  • Invoicing only what we have agreed with our customer
  • Abide by the spirit of all legislation and business standards applicable to our work
  • Treat all persons with respect and dignity. This means that our equal opportunities policy is founded on the principle that all people are individual – i.e. diversity in its truest sense.
  • Use the Investors in People Standards as the framework for all People Policies within our business.



GMR Design UK Ltd.  is a VAT-registered business: VAT registration = 108225540

Our Company Registered address is:

Brunswick House
1 Wierfield Green
United Kingdom


GMR Design UK Ltd. is committed to sustainable business practices and minimising material waste. This policy reflects the minimal use of non-recyclable materials and minimising the generation of harmful emissions. This policy is non-exhaustive and evidence will be provided on request to all customers and interested parties, as appropriate.


Equal Opportunities:

GMR is an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applications for vacant roles from all members of society who have the appropriate experience and/or qualifications for the role (if applicable). That includes, but is not exclusive to, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and disability (see also our Quality Standards above). We apply this same principle in our dealings with suppliers, advisors and other persons who come into regular or occasional contact with our business.