If you’re considering one of our upgrades, you are essentially changing your car. This is not simply an engine upgrade… you are investing in a totally new and more satisfying Aston ownership experience.

As part of our commitment to quality, we like to be up-front with our prices so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money:

Engine Upgrades:

GMR600 System (fitted)                                         

Fitted to cars up to 12MY – £14,579  (£17,495 inc. VAT)

Fitted to cars post-12MY (requires new manifolds) – £16,929 (£20,315 inc VAT)

4-1 Equal Length Manifolds (Fitted) – £2,350 (£2,820 inc VAT)

Catalytic Converters (200 Cell Sports CATs) – £1,500 (£1,800 inc VAT)

Cross over Mid-section – £500 (£600 inc VAT)

Rear GT4 Boxes (18kg lighter, no bypass) – £1,250 (£1,500 inc VAT)

Supply only – £1,000 (£1,200 inc VAT)

Brake Upgrades:

Full Carbon brake kit  Single-strand carbon, fitted – £8,333 (£9,999 inc VAT) Normally £10,780

Non-Carbon Upgrades

  • Front Pads – £229 (£275 inc VAT)
  • Rear Pads – £188 (£225 inc VAT)


Nitron R3 system 3-way adjustable (fitting includes set-up) – £3,695 (£4,434 inc VAT)

Carbon Fittings:

Slam panel Super lightweight – £650 (£780 inc VAT)

We pride ourselves on excellent engineering and will happily discuss and provide a price for your bespoke requirements before undertaking any work.

Servicing Your Aston Martin:

  • From models DB7 i6 to the current Vanquish
  • Please contact us for a no-obligation quotation

Please see here for our guarantee and here for how to buy (or simply contact us for more information).

Prices correct at 11/1/17